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Santa Catalina is like a village of its own. It is situated near the center of Palma, with one side along the harbor front.
Most of the houses are individual, side by side in 2 or 3 stories. There is a indoor market which make the area busy and it is hard to find parking. Not many years ago this was a bit rough area, but now restoration is being done with much enthusiasm. The area is well worth a visit.

Santa Catalina is bordering the "Paseo Maritimo". You have a good view over the waterfront and Palma de Mallorca harbour.

Typical street in the Santa Catalina area. The trees are giving the area a nice atmosphere.  

Another typical scene from this district.

You find a large indoor market where you can buy fresh vegetables, fish and meat. Interesting to visit.

Buildings after restoration. The  character of the area has improved drastically.