Galilea is a small village in the mountains. The distance from Palma is aprox. 20 km. It is a very quiet place with one small grocery shop and the only bar at the church square.

It is one of the preferred place to have a second house, as it is in 400 meters and has a breeze in the summer to keep you cool. However as there are limited space and most of the surrounding hills are protected from further developments, the price is high. The weather here in winter is cold and humid, and you may be in for a snow fall now and again.   

Not a lot is happening here. There is a small Bar/Cafeteria on the church square. Two more restaurants, if open, and a small shop. I think there is a small hotel as well. However a lot of building and rebuilding has happened, so whether it is opened or not is the question.

Gallilea is a very special place, well worth to stop and have a look if you are passing by.


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Houses build into the hill side. The houses in this area are most new constructions. Building code is strict, to maintain the original look. Overlooking part of Gallilea, and the Mediteranian.
Detail from garden with swimming pool. Typical old stylle village house.

Manny of the houses are quite small, but they are not cheap.

The buildings are constructed on terraced land. At places the hills are very steep. Manny houses are having very narrow access.


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