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Andratx  Harbour is only 25 Km. from Palma this is a very attractive for those wanting a second house in a quiet area. . It is a great place for day tours also. Hang around in the harbor area, or take a  walk in the surrounding hills. The lack of sandy beaches has protected this area from becoming an other development for mass tourism.   Lat,Long 39.5469, 2.3854

If you must have a swim, there is a small beach by the pier. A somewhat bigger beach is found on the other side of the bay. Pass the marina, hen follow the coast for 500 m more.
For the smaller yacht, Andratx was often the first port, when visiting Mallorca. Some liked it so much there that they never got any further.

The bay of Andratx.

The bay of Andratx.

The small beach.

The pier and water front cafe in Andratx


Port de Andratx. Looking up through the valley. In the background Galatzo mountain.

Port de Andratx. Harbour front restaurant and bar. A popular place to relax and study life pass b

A view over the outer harbour. A good place to anchor. Also used for permanent moorings

There is a marina in Andratx, probably not easy to get a place here .

Also a very tiny beach can be found, no more than 50 meters wide.

The pier in Andratx is a popular place for a short stroll.

On the pier there is a small fish shop . Opening 17.00 Hr.

The beach on the Yacht Marina side of the bay.

The beach on the Yacht Marina side of the bay.