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San Sebastian fiestas


Every year in January


Video Clip Aquafoc 150 kbs   Video Clip Correfoc 150 kbs

San Sebastian is the guardian saint of Palma. Celebrated every year for two weeks in January. During this time there are daily events and arrangements. The more spectacular are "Aquafoc" And Correfoc" , both involving fireworks. The Aquafoc is a classic firework, lasting 25 minutes, the biggest during the year. Correfoc is an event where devils and dragons are running and dancing through the street of Borne, while spouting fireworks.  

The history of San Sebastian, is that of a Roman officer, using his position to give protection to Christians. He was found out, tied to a tree and holed with arrows until thought dead. He was not dead however, and a young girl called Irene, saved his life. Not for long. The authorities found out, and this time he was whipped to death and thrown into the gutters. His remains were recovered by on other young Christian woman, who gave him a decent burial.

Aguafoc. The show last about 25 minutes

Aguafoc. These pictures are taken from Champ's Caf'e.

Correfoc. From Plz de la Reina, the posession has started, the young ones enjoys this.

Correfoc. Eventually the whole street is filled with smoke.


Correfoc. It looks dangerous, but nobody got hurt.