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Sa Foradada is a rocky point where a 10 meter diameter hole in the rock can be seen from far away. This trip is bringing you to the special NW coast.

This is a short and easy trip. Start is from the parking on Valldemossa to Deia road, at the kilometer stone marked 65,8. Here is a " Mirador" as well, with a great view over the Mediterranean. There is a small restaurant as well, only open in the summer month however. Just next to the parking is the estate named Son Marroig. You can get a ticket here and enter the building. Also there are signs stating that you need a permission to walk down to the rock, but we were there on a Sunday (where the ticket sale is closed) and nobody seemed to worry about this.

The road is pretty good, but the final few hundred meters are difficult. However if you don't have a great desire to crawl through the hole in the rock, then skip this part. Anyway, the legend say you will change sex if you pass through the hole in the rock, so watch out.

Where the road is ending there is a small landing stage and a restaurant. Only open in the summer month. Also remember that the return trip is uphill 200 meters. This can be uncomfortable during a hot summer after noon. 
Reservations on the restaurant at the top, where the parking is, can be made on 971639026.

Guide and map suitable for this trip : Mallorca Tramuntana Central (

Duration Aprox. 2.5  hr.
Height 200 meter. 
Distance  6 Km. 


The parking where the trip is starting. Valdemosa / Deia road at the 65.8 Km. marker stone.  

Overlooking Sa Foradada, from the parking

Son Marroig.  

Start of the road leading down. 


In the beginning it is a walk through olive fields. 


Then a steep road down. 


Where the road down is ending, you find a perfect picnic place. 


A look along the rocky coast. 

At the end of the small half island there is a tiny pier, and a restaurant (open summer only). To get any further it is needed to climb the rock.



Map from South West

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