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This walk starts from the parking at the Andratx to Estrellens road Km. 106,1.

To get there, drive to Andratx. Then follow the signs to Estrellens. Some 7 Km from Andratx, you can see a small parking to the left. It is shortly after the road starts to descend Estrellens.  

At the parking, you will see a sign reading "La Trapa". Follow that forest road. Soon after you will se the Mediterranean. After 1 Hr, you get to a road  separation. Turn right here. After 10 minutes, you will see a  group of small houses. One is having a steel pergola in front. Here you turn left.

The forest road is now becoming a narrow track. After half hour more walking, you get to a very large stone marker. Turn right here, and after 300 metres, you get to a concrete "Mirador". Here is a vertical drop hundred of meters down, if not more, and a great view over Dragonera Island.

Now return to the stone marker, and turn left, and follow the track. After 10 minutes walk, you look down into a valley. Behind a small hill in the bottom, is La Trapa. From here you can see the road leading from San Telmo to La Trapa as well. After 20 minutes you will be at La Trapa.

Are you coming from San Telmo to La Trapa, read description; this route in reverse direction will take  you towards Estrellens.

This route is easy until you get to the group of small houses. From there somewhat more difficult as the track is getting more narrow and stony.

Guide and map suitable for this trip : Mallorca Tramuntana South  (


Sa Trapa

The start of the route to La Trapa. There is a parking here.

   The first part of the trip leads through pine forest.
Then you enter more open country side.   After 60 minutes walking you get to a junction. Turn right here.
The small house with steel pergola. Here turn left.   From now on the forest road has changed to a narrow track.
A look back along the coast, towards Soller.   The large stone marker and a group of people coming from La Trapa.
Looking down from the "Mirador". In the background the island of Dragonera.   In the distance you can now see the road from San Telmo to La Trapa. La Trapa is hiding behind the low  hill, down in the valley.
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