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Sa Trapa is a classic walk. It takes you to one of the most spectacular places on the island. The are two routes that are normally used. The path along the coast, or the forest road more inland. In this case we took the road up and the coastal path down. In case you want to continue from Sa Trapa towards Estrellens, read this description.

Guide and map suitable for this trip : Mallorca Tramuntana South  (


Looking over Sa Trapa in the direction South West

The start of the route in San Telma. A lot of space here to leave your car.


After 15 minutes walking, you can see a small house. Here we turn right.


Walk straight on here.


After 30 minutes, you enter a valley. Some further down, you find a road junction


Here is the junction where you should turn left


On the road up through the valley. Looking back towards San Telmo


The top of the ridge. You can now see Dragonera Island.


The top of the ridge. Looking down at Sa Trapa.


The old mill.


The old mill.


The houses.


The island of Dragonera.


On the return trip. Looking back.


Deep down below there is a small beach

Entering the woods on the way back. Junction where you select path to La Trapa or path to the beach


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