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The monastery of Randa is a high hill 32 Km. East of Palma de Mallorca. View panorama photo. From here you have a view over most if the island. The  monastery hash a long history. The country side and the small village of Randa is charming, with a lot of vegetation. The monastery is called Santuari de Nostra Dona de Cura, with a history going back more than 700 years Many of the big names in the history of Mallorca, are connected to Randa. Ramón Llull wrote some of his most famous books here. In fair weather you can count as many as 30 towns and villages from here. In the North East you see the bay of Alcudia. To the South West, the bay of Palma. There is a cafeteria inside the garden of the monastery. Entry is free.

You can stay overnight on this monastery. Prices range from 16 to 20 Euro each person. The second night is 12 and 16 Euro . It is actually small apartments with cooking facilities. All you need to bring is your own towels. The higher price are the best situated. They have a small terrace in front, facing South West with a great view over Palma and the bay. To book a room call +34 971 660994   Fax +34 971 662052. Payment on arrival. The reception is the door to the right of the church as you enter the monastery. For your info, it is a 5 Km. uphill drive to get from Ronda to the Monastery.

 Some leave the car in the village of Randa and walk up and down. It takes 1 hour+ to walk up. You can follow the road, or take one of the many short cuts. On the way up you are passing 2 more monasteries. The first is called Sentuario de Nuestra Señora de Grácia. Some futher up you are passing Ermita de San Honorato.

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