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This walk is one of the best on Mallorca. It leads to the second highest mountain on Mallorca. The views are spectacular.

There are parking to be found near the petrol station at Lluc. From here walk 200 metres back towards Inca, until you get to a steel gate. Next to the gate there is a square marking stone.

After 15 minutes walk the road is dividing in 3. Make a sharp right turn here. Later onward you get to an other gate, where you have to pay 4 Euros each (2006).

On you walk. At the next cross road turn left. Now the road is narrowing to a track. Follow it 20 minutes, and you get to a wider road, where you turn left. There are two natural stones with paint on. Marked Prat to the right and Puig to the left.

Make a mental bookmark of this point, so you do not overlook it on the way back.

Further up the road you get to 2 square stone markers. Turn right here.

Trek up through the stone oak forest. Then you get to another stone marker. Here you can turn right and get to the peak first, and then visit the well on the return trip. Or otherwise. The road to the peak is most easy.

It is worth visiting the well also. Most of these wells are closed with bars, but here you can walk down and se for yourself water coming out of the rock in more than 1000 m above sea level.

The walk to Massanella is considered difficult. The track is for a long distance covered with rocks and stones. You are also exposed to weather. Caution and preparation is needed. GPS

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