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Lluc monastery is lying in a valley 500 meters above sea level. A very important place for pilgrimage, who came to see the "Moreneta"  A dark Madonna, said to fulfil your wishes. Today it is also a popular goal for the tourist. People come her by car, on bike cycles or walking up through the valley on the famous "old" road to Lluc. It is possible to stay the night, but you must  book in advance. There are places to put your bicycle as well. If you find no space her, there are places nearby where you can place a small tent end spend the night. It is not a camping, but suits the need for hikers and bicycle tourists. One is found just where the road starts up to the monastery. An other is the recreation area at the 17 Km. stone marker on the road to Pollenca. 3 Km. away from the monastery. There is also a information centre at the parking  lot.
Reservation at the monastery can be done at Tel.:+34971871525 Fax.:+34971517096. If you call from abroad, it is possible to make reservation as well. You pay on arrival. Prices are (2003) 1 room 1 person Euro 25.00 to 1 room 3 person 33.00 Euro.

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