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Finca Galatzo is a public owned property. Situated in the South West part of Mallorca. You can here select between 4 walking routes. Some easy, some quite demanding. Especially during a sunny period.


The access is from the Capdella Gallilea road. The parking area is limited, so during the weekend, be early. At the finca you can find the route plans and explanations. So you do not need to prepare yourself.

Also here you find sanitary installations, but no source for refreshments, so bring your self.

The best place to visit is during autumn, winter and spring time. The summer is very hot as the finca is situated in a valley.

As you follow your chosen path you will se that several of the places you are passing on your way are sign posted.

The photo above show the landscape, and a small building. The building is not the Finca Galatzo. 

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