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Diving on Mallorca


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Wether you just like to snorkel in front of the rocks, or you are experienced scuba diver, then Mallorca offer many places where you can practise this sport. In case you want to follow a course, this is possible as well. Mallorca is a safe place to practice. No sharks! This is not quite true, but they are very deep down, and shy. Good visibility. Even if the water can look murky along a busy beach, the fact is that once you get a bit away, you have the finest water, and excellent visibility.

 Below are links to the major diving centres.  There are a few important things you need to keep in mind before you engage in this sport. The dive centre must have a licence, and you must get the insurance cover required by law.  If you are a beginner, but planning more diving in the future, you need to work towards your own licence  Diving is basically for everybody, and one of the sports that you can learn most quickly.

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Dive boat

Heading for the dive area

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All ready!!