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This walk is in the surrounding hills of Andratx, on Mallorca SW coast.  Coming on the main road from Paguera, make a sharp turn right, just before you come to the gasoline station. It is also  just before the tunnel, taking you under the main road, and on to Puerto de Andratx.  You will not easily see this road, due to trees.

Continue 200 metres up the asphalt road, and leave your car here. There is a fence, with a " no entry" sign. However  as there is a big hole in the fence, we walked through. 

Walk up the valley. The route not marked very well, but this direction is the only way to the top. It is at places fairly steep, and there is no path. Once at the top, turn right. From here you can see a new build  watch tower. This is where you are heading next.

Once up on the ridge walking is easy. From the tower, follow the path North. After 30 min. walking, you can see a forest road down in the valley to the left. This is where you are going. To get there, follow the small path, look for yellow paint marks. It is turning left, leading you to a passage in a stone wall. 5 minutes from there, you can see a ruin in front of you. Just before the ruin, turn left. Now you are on the forest road. Follow it down to Andratx.

On this trip you get some good views over the Andratx area. You will be passing through a landscape with many variations. The route is 7 Km. long, and duration 3.5 hours. Due to the steep uphill walk to start with, and the lack of a proper path, a little experience is needed to walk this trip.  GPS Waypoints



Starting the walk up. It is a steep hill


Looking over the bay og Port de Andratx


Walking on top of the mountain ridge


Walking towards Andratx, looking back

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