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 Pouig des Povet is starting from Valldemossa. It leads to a hill top, where there is a wiev over NW coast, as well as Bay of Palma. A combination can be made, to visit town of Valldemossa at same time.. continue   

Drive to Valldemossa. From main street turn right where there is a sign to the sports grounds.. Then right turn  up C/ Rector Joan Mir. Shortly after turn left up C/ de les Oliveres. At the end you find this gate. This is the start.

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In front of you there is the forest road to follow. However soon it will narrow. After 10 minutes you get to this gate.  Continue onward on the other side.

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Where there are side tracks they are marked with a row of stones in front. Do not cross the stones. Just follow the track. There are also small red paint dots or arrows.

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The track continue up and up. You have reached Pla des Pouet. 

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Shortly after you get to the well. The water is not drinkable. A track is leading to the right. You, however continue straight on.

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The walk leads you over a short plateau. At the end the track will continue further up the mountains.

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Soon after you get a good view of Galatzo. Good place to sit down and relax.

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This is Mirador des ses Puntes. 

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The cliff is vertical down. There is a great view over the Mediteranean.

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Walk 40 meters back the track you came from. Then continue on the track leading up.

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This is the top of Puig de Povet (858 m). The track leeds on to Puig de VeirÓ. You can continue all the way to Puig de Teix, but that is a long walk. As it is getting late, we walk same way back.

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The view over Palma.

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On the way back the sun is setting, creating orange light across the path.

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It is 5.30 in 2 of November. We are back by the car just in time.

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