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Teix is one of the highest mountains on Mallorca. On the way to the top we pass historic scenes and a "ice factory" from the middle age, but we fail to find the legendary "chair of king Sances" 

This walk is 4-5 Km,up and back. It will take 4 hours. The path is easy to follow the first kilometers. Then you are on a narrow track. Look around frequently, so you can find your way back. There is a danger of clouds rolling over the mountains from the sea, creating a mist, where you may loose orientation. Do not leave the track unless you have the means for cross country navigation, and experience.  As you walk 500 meters up, this trip is not suited for the hot summer months. Spring and autumn is the best time. It can be very windy here, and the chill factor significant. However it is worth it. The views are splendid. This trip is a classic.
There are more routes to "Del Teix" coming from the Valldemossa side. 
On Coll del Soller there are two restaurants. 1 small family owned place, the other more exclusive, overlooking the valley to the south. 

La casa del Rey SanÁ: Dating  back 700 years. Used by the king for hunting and also as a place to get away from the summer heat, as he was suffering from astma.  

La casa de neu del Teix: Here there is a deposit for snow collecting. It was then sold during the summer.  Measuring 15 x 7 meters and 5 meters deep. First documented in year 1636.

La silla del Rei en Jaume: According to the legend, a stone chair was build for the king on the top of "Teix". However nothing is left, and the story never proved.

Latest. This route is now closed. Use the route starting from Valldemossa.

Guide and map suitable for this trip : Mallorca Tramuntana Central  (


Duration Aprox. 4 hr.
Highest point 500 meter. 
Distance  5 Km. 

Mountain walk. Danger of suddenly bad visibility as well as low temperatures and high winds. Snow and frost can occur in winter. 




This is the start of the trip  


Continue this way

Loking down over the bottled water factory.


Futher up the road you pass a stone wall with a gate.

We have arrived at Casa del Rei Sanc. The forest road stop here. Now it is a narrow foot track onwards  

Look around, and look back so you can find your way back.


Fuente de la Serp.


A look over the Mediteranian towards North West


We have reached the top, it was cold and windy here, but the view is fantastic.




Slide show with photos from the trip. Photos are in a larger size than on the web page. 

Map from South West

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