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Sa Calobra is one of the most spectacular nature formations on the island. Here you find 3-400 meter vertical rock formations, a small beach and crystal clear water. 

To get there by car take the Soller Lluc road. You can also sail from Puerto de Soller along the coast, where there are several return trips daily. 

This trip is a classic. If you stay at a hotel, you can book this trip through the reception. If you stay privately, you can still book from a major hotels in the area. Sa Calobra has a large parking place, so you can take your own car as well.

Some like to track up through the valley.  It is not recommended to walk far unless you have planned the trip very carefully. Keep  in mind that this small creek will change during rainfall, and become a very dangerous river very fast. Almost every year people lose their life being caught in the  valley during sudden weather change. On the beach is is safe however. 



The scenery driving down is spectacular.  

In the bottom of the valley there is a small beach.  Visited by many during the summer.  
It is possible to walk for  hours into the  mountains,  getting difficult later as you proceed.     This is the start of the road leading to Sa Calobra.  Be prepared for a lot of turns.  
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Map from South West
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