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La Reserva is a small private natural reserve, only 14 km. from Palma de Mallorca. It is near the small villages of Gallilea and Puigpunient. They are worth a visit as well.  

Drive to Puigpunyent. Distance from Palma is 14 km. Once there turn left towards Gallilea. 400 meters in this direction , and just after the church, you will se a sign. La Reserva Puig de Galatzo. Now follow the signs and after 3-4 km. you get to the place. 

There is a entry fee of aprox 1000 PTS each, less for children. You can bring your own items for barbeque. Leave it at the entrance and they bring it to a bbq area where you find a bbq already lit, ready to use. The walk is some 4 km around this 21 ha natural park. This tour is best done on a sunny day in spring, autumn or during winter. If you don't bring anything to eat, you can buy a packet for grilling or a sandwich. There are plenty places to rest on the way and enjoy the scenery . The vegetation is interesting, and the latest attraction are live bears. 
It is not a good idea to do this trip during the summer heat. At 10.00 hr the heat is impressive. However there is a swimming pool in Puigpunyent. Also here you find the 5 star hotel Son Net. They have a pool as well and visitors are welcome if you use their restaurant.  Gallilea nearby is well worth a visit as well. There is a small bar at the church square where they serve local PamBoli.

Duration Aprox. 3 hr.
Hight difference 150 meter. 
Distance  5 Km. 
Suitable all seasons, but hot in summer.


The start of the road leading to La Reserva. Starting just outside Puigpunient. The village church in the background.

The scenery in the park. Rather hilley.



Bears from the Pyrenees in northern Spain.


There is a bbq place . You can bring your own provisions, or buy a "packet" in the small restaurant to grill yourself

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