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Coll des Vent is a trip into Na Bourguesa mountains. They are situated near Palma de Mallorca. This area is a Natural park. First you need to find the road leading into Na Burguesa maintains. It is numbered PMV 1043. It starts in the Son Dureta area, where you have the cross over at the motorway PM-20. Right at the corner you have a military camp. Read the yellow kilometer stones, and drive until you get to the one with marking: 6 Km.

Here you can park the car, and on the south side of the road you see a track leading into the forest. 100 meters up the track you find a concrete mast. Here you follow the track to the right. After 1 km. on a small trail, you get to a forest road. There is a old ruin here. Turn right, and walk down this road. Further down it will join the road leading to the gate. Take the opposite direction. You now get to the next cross road. Follow it to the right.  300 meters further down, a track is leading left, ignore it and walk straight on. Then ignore the track leading right shortly after. You should now see a wreck of a car in the right side of the road (very little left). Also there are some red paint marks on the stones.

The small forest road you are on, is getting more and more narrow, ending as a track, however follow the route as drawn on the map to Mirador n'Alzamora. Here is a ruin and a view over the valley. A good place to have some lunch.

You can take the same way back, or make it a tour round Puig d'en Bou. Follow the track as made out on the map. You will at one time have to cross a dried out river. It is a bit steep here. At Coll des Pastors, you get  on a proper forest road. Follow this as directed on the map, and return to where you started fro



The 6 km. mark.

The concrete mast. Keep right here and follow trail. Further down it is becoming narrow. 


House ruin. Here the trail is joining a wider forest road. Turn right here.


The trail leading to the the mirador. The place is easy to recognize with the trees against the sky.


The mirador. Here is a small ruin, a great view, and a good place to have lunch.


The trail to south side of Puig d'en Bou.


Coll des Pastov. Here several roads are joining, make sure to pick the right one.


View  over  Palma  on  return  trip.