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 Puig de Galatzo is one of highest mountain on Mallorca. With 1200 meters you get a fantastic view on a clear day. There are several routes to the top. This is the one from Puigpunient. Part of this trip description covers the route to Estellencs as well. continue          

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Just after the church in Puigpunyent you leave the main road leading to Gallilea and drive towards Galatzo. The road is marked with a sign to La Reserva puig de Galatzo. Follow this road 3.2 Km. Then turn right, and drive 2.1 Km.

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The start of the walk. To the right you find the stone well. (No water). It looks like a proper road, but it will soon take an end.

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View from "the saddle" towards Bay of Palma.

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Looking towards the north. You can see the Mediterranean. Below you have the small town of Estelencs. You can end the trip there if you like, and if you have arranged transport accordingly.

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Galatzo in the background, They didn't make it to the top that day. From this point you have two routes to the top. First time I was here was in 1992, I met no one couple on the way. In 2000 we counted 12 people on the way. Talk about increase in popularity.

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