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In Palma de Mallorca every spring. End of April, beginning May. To get exact dates, try the Tourist office in Palma (+34 971 724090 ) Dates vary from year to year. It is easy to find, with its many white tents that are placed on the plot near the cemetery.
The theme is Andalusia, their dances ,dresses and culture. Here is a good chance to try to dance Flamenco, or just have a look. During the afternoon there are riding shows, and the kids can try horseback riding as well. It is great to see how everybody try to participate in the dancing. The best time for that is starting around midnight. The music is very loud. Parking is as expected a problem, so brace yourself for some walking.
It will inspire you to take a dancing course yourself so you can be on the floor next year. We will be back with directions where courses are given.
This is by no means a tourist event, you hardly see any, but lots of locals. You get a good impression of the true Mediterranean spirit here. Some people dress up in proper dresses, it is very colorful.
The pictures were taken during a Sunday afternoon visit in spring 2000.

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