Photos from Valldemossa

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The first sight you get from Valldemossa, coming from Palma

A restaurant in the town

The tourist inmformation office


Old water wheel

Poster for Casta Nord
Street in town
The town of Valdemossa
The old houses of Valldemossa
The town is decorated for the yearly fiesta celebrating La Beata
Old houses in Valldemossa
The small chapel
The city band playing in front of the small chapel
Street decoration
Some of the inhabitants have brougt their chairs out in the street
New house, but built in the old style
The streets are full of restaurants placing tables and chairs in the streets.
The interior of one of the small hotels in town. The only hotel???
The sole hotel is located near the centre
The old town

In the background you can see the monetary

House decorated with flowers.

Narrow street in the town.
The monestary and in the background one of the many estates you find in this area.
Looking down the valley of Valldemossa

The valley of Valldemossa