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La Granja estate can be dated back to roman times. What makes this place so special is the powerful spring which used to spout 30 feet into the air. It is now a living exhibition, where you study a large number of old farming tools and machines.  This is a good place to get an impression how life was on the island before the word "tourist" was even invented. Lat,Long 39.67025,2.5612 (parking) 


La Granja estate has the roots back to the time when the Romans had conquered the island.  

This historic "finca" is owned privately. Restoration started in 1968. Now it is a museum.  

This area is rich on water due to a powerful underground spring which is surfacing here.

  Detail from the construction. Terrace with wide open sides, to let the breeze flow by.  

There is an interesting exhibition of old farm machinery. Here a steam driven tractor.

In its age probably an exclusive vehicle, only owned by the rich.

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