Motorcycling on Mallorca
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Motorcycling on Mallorca is possible all year in comfort, as the temperatures even during winter seldom is lover than 10 deg. C. The spring is the favourite time. That is May and June. The weather is now stable, the high season with tourism has still to come. Driving with motorcycle on Mallorca calls for a word of warning. Be prepared for the unexpected. The roads can have spot with loose grit. During rain the roads gets VERY slippery. Pedestrians often cross against a red light. If you are not an experienced driver, then don't try. Prices to hire a motor bike can easy get to 70.00 Euro/Day if you want power. Motos Reus has been mentioned as a fair place to rent. They are represented in the major resorts around Palma de Mallorca and in Cala Millor..

During the year there are several events, where 1000 motorcycles + drive together. More are arriving every year. Quite a sight and sound when they take off from Palma city centre.

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