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This walk is 4 Km. If you take the track to Orient after you have visited the ruin of the mill,then it is 9 Km. The level is easy, suitable all seasons.  

The village of Orient. Here you find restaurants serving some of the best " Lechona" on the island.  

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The trip is starting at the 8.5 Km. mark on the Alaro-Orient-Bunyola road. There is a small farm here. Lots of sheep around.

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The first part of the road is full of stones. After rain the track is muddy as well.

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First you walk in farm land. In the front the wood is starting.

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Aprox. 1 Km. down the road, it divides. Keep the left track.

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A bit further down the track you pass a ruin.

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After the ruin, you pass a gate. You can use the steps to pass it. If you open it, make sure it is closed again.
Further down the track you will see some big stones on your left side. Here the road divides. Left is through the wood to Orient. Straight on is leading to the ruin of an old mill.

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Part of the walls at the mill. Here the water was lead into a vertical duck, thus driving a stone to make flour.

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You can follow the narrow road down into the bottom of the creek. Water is only found here after rain. Mark the point, where you enter the dried bottom of the creek, else you can loose orientation.
You can now walk the same way back, or return to the point where the track leads to Orient.

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