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Recreation area on the Lluc Pollenca road. The entry is exactly at the Km. 17 marking stone. This is about 3 Km. from the monastery of Lluc towards Pollenca. Here you find barbecue, water, toilet and bins for garbage. The view is splendid. You can buy nothing, so bring what you need.

Avoid Sunday or get there early, this place is popular. There is a separate area just next to the bbq area, where you can put up a small tent and stay the night. This may come in handy if you are on a bike or walking trip in the area.

If you prefer more comfort you can book a room in the nearby monastery of Lluc. You can take walks in the surrounding area. This "finca" has been bought buy Govern Balear, to ensure public access to the splendid landscapes of the Tramuntana mountains, and prevent any urban development.

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