NOTE . Many walks are described as starting in one place, ending in another place. To make transport less complicated, it is often a better idea to walk out, and return to the starting point again. Some other time do the same from the other end of the walk description. This way you can also regulate how many hours you like your walking trip to last.


Safety precautions  Quote from http://www.illesbalears.es
1. Be careful not to travel alone; you never know what may happen. Don't rely solely on mobile phones as coverage may not be good, the battery may run down or you may not be able to use them. We recommend telling your acquaintances or the hotel reception staff which trail you plan on taking.
2. Be well informed about the degree of difficulty, distance and terrain of the trail you choose. We recommend hiking a trail accompanied by someone who has taken it before. Take the hours of daylight into consideration.
3. Wear clothing suited to the time of year. Bring a spare set of clothing, which will come in handy to replace sweaty clothing or for additional warmth if the weather gets chilly. When weather is changeable, bring a waterproof cape or raincoat.
4. Wearing suitable and comfortable footwear is very important. Several different types of footwear are sold according to the type of terrain; select the most suitable. Never wear normal street shoes.
5. Bring some type of light in case night falls; a torch, flashlight or gaslight.
6. Walk on the left side if you must walk on a road and wear reflective clothing.
7. Bring extra food and drink. High-energy food such as chocolate, dried fruit and bananas are recommended. Water is very important, especially in summer. Do not rely on the springs you find along the way on an excursion; they may be dry or contain water not suitable for drinking. Do not drink from water reservoirs as they may contain chemical products.
8. Be careful with the sun. Walking many hours in the sun may burn skin, even in winter. Use the protective sun cream best suited to your type of skin and wear a hat with a brim.
9. Take a small first-aid kit with you.
10. Respect the flora and fauna along the way. Close the doors or gates you pass through behind you. If trespassing is prohibited, do not continue. Be especially careful with fire, which is not allowed in most areas, especially in spring and summer.
End quote

www.editorialalpina.com  Maker of the newest and most detailed maps .Where to buy and latest corrections. http://www.mallorca-camin.info/maps.htm

http://www.wikiloc.com  Wikilog.com  is a web site where the users are interchanging route description and GPS information. It contain 50 routes so far. The link is set to display the Mallorca routes. It it does not work then try www.wikiloc.com

http://www.fomentmallorca.org  One of the oldest clubs in Mallorca. Thy arrange one or two tours a week. You can join as a non member, paying a little extra. Transport and insurance is included in the price. Web site is in Spanish only.

http://www.mallorca-camins.info Important web site where you can get a lot of information. Also guided tours.


http://www.mallorcanwalkingtours.puertopollensa.com are arranging walks all over the island. On their web site you can see the walks and day walk calender. They also recommend what shoes to use and all the walks are classified in difficulty grades. The day walk calendar is useful for people that are on Mallorca already and have found accommodation on their own.

Week tours are arranged as well. Here you have to arrange your own flight. Once on Mallorca, they take care of the rest. You can look up price on their web site.

http://www.mallorca-wandern.de  German language

http://www.desguellallucapeu.es (Language Catala and Castellano.)
Important walk every year the first Saturday in August. Starting from Plz. Guell in Palma, at 23.00 Hours, and after 52 Kilometres in the Lluc monetary .



Biniarix to the Cuber reservoir via L'Ofre

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START BINIARIX 39.77259 002.73716
A 39.77018 002.73944
B 39.76800 002.74554
C 39.76009 002.75846
D 39.76725 002.75347
E 39.76563 002.75471
F 39.76184 002.76058
G 39.76720 002.76434
H 39.77039 002.76906
I 39.77207 002.77085
J 39.77927 002.77956
K 39.78170 002.79118
L 39.78717 002.79532
CUBER GATE AT HIGHWAY  39.78730 002.79676

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