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It is easy to get a mobile telephone in Spain. Walk into a mobile phone shop and bring your passport. The following apply to Spanish providers.

There are many offers, and you may be tempted to sign up with a  " Tariffa Plana" so you can surf the internet with your new smart phone.

Different billing plans are often needed to connect to a pc or surf internet with phone.

Allowing a thelephone company to bill your bank account dirtectly can have several DANGERS

If you use the telephone outside Spain, you could accidently connect to the internet. Each time you connect can easy cost 4 Euro. Even if you just download 1 kilo byte.

If you start using the internet service outside Spain, a large bill will hit you.

Note that many  phones come with the settings for internet (WAP, ELAN, WI-F)  locked so you can not delete them, and it is difficult to change the set up.

If you are sitting outside Spain in a Internet Cafe and you think you are using free WI-FI, what can happen is that the phone starts using the internet with your service provider ( WAP / Emotion is the Movistar tradename )

If you are in doubt remove the simcard before you are using your phone to connect to internet with a WI-FI connection. ( Not all phones will let you do that ).

If you want to disconnect any mobile telephone contract with automatic bank payment, then you will often find that it is almost impossible to get out of your contract. Even if the law is quite clear, that they must let you go, some of the mobile providers are complicating the issue, to keep you.

Without mentioning names, it seems that the bigger the Mobile Company, the worse it gets.

I have had experience with both ONO and Movistar, and when it came to disconecting the service I had to leave it to a  Hestoria.

Do not stop paying your bills. You will be entered in the register og " bad payers ".

To avoid disapointments you can use a " pay as you go". My favorite is It is a virtual shop. Prices are good. Telephones are not locked. You control everything from a internet interphase. .

As there are no shops, you must have an address where they can send sim card and phone, and you must receive it personally and identify yourself with a passport. If you are not at home a note will be left by the postal service, with this you can pick up on the post office. Remember passport.

For Internet, Carrefour is offering internet connection as pay as you go. for 1 Euro a day , and allowing quite a big daily download before the speed ids reduced.

This information is believed to be correct as January 2011. The mobile world is changing every day.  You are free to follow this advise, but it is not a guarantee that your bills will not be bigger than you expected. You can not hold Mallorcafact responsible for any losses you may occur.






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